Smoelenboek 2017/2018: Richard Abbuhl

In welke band speel je?
Richard’s Blues Band


Wat speel je?
I play guitar and sing.

Wat doe je in het dagelijks leven?
I am on a team which helps to develop the next generation of online banking.

Wat inspireert je op muzikaal gebied?
Working together as a group inspires me. This is because every musician gets to bring in their own creativity so together we can bring the audience something original and with substance.

Wat wil je met muziek?
What I want for myself is to have fun, experiment, be open, and be spontaneous. What I want for the public and band members is to also has fun, be relaxed, and enjoy the music.

Welk HPSOT-podium vind je het leukst?
All of them are great. I especially enjoyed Out of the Blues because the public there is always so spontaneous and enthusiastic.

Welke band in HPSOT is je favoriet?
I heard so far Humfree and Melatonin. Both were nice bands with two different styles of original music and lots of enthusiasm.